With over 15 years of experience in journal and book publishing and having handled more than 1 million pages in print, Saku group has an in-depth understanding of Publisher’s needs. Today, Saku group serves the Journal and Book Publishing community worldwide offering full-services including copyediting, data entry, data conversion, graphic design, drawing/re-drawing, pagination, proofreading.

As rightly said the power of communication is what makes human beings so special and it is this communication that we value the most. In a world where words are just not enough, Saku group strives to create effective and attractive design strategies that help communicate effectively. Our design and concepts sensibilities have earned us accolades and above all the confidence of our clients.

Our Mission

  • To provide clients holistic publishing solutions across divergent platforms.
  • To be prompt and consistent in delivering cost-effective services.

Strengths of Saku group typesetting team

  • In-depth knowledge on Typesetting/XML Workflow
  • Converting hardcopy CRC/E files to any suitable form eg. PDF, XML, HTML etc
  • Project Management Expertise
  • Consistent Quality through Quality Management Systems. (ISO 9001 Certified)
  • Technically qualified R&D and Operation teams


  • i Mac, Mac G4s, P4 core 2 Duo.
  • Adobe CS4 (Complete family), Corel Draw X4, Page maker 7, Quark 2010 etc.