With a combination of professionals and a highly advanced digital pre-press centre, the Saku Group is an ideal destination for all your pre-press needs. Every project is special and it is the magic of good pre-press services that can make any publication come alive. Keeping this in mind, we invest in depth focus into every assignment. This has helped us acquire tremendous experience over the years and today we can execute any pre-press operation with prowess. Whether it is working with image setter or camera, or contact boxes, or manual planning, or even automatic plate making, the Saku Group has an expert team leading the way.

In addition to this is the Technova Vio Star CTP engine designed specifically for the B-1/8UP Commercial Print Market Making it suitable to image B-1, B-2, B-3 (Landscape format Plates)

  • CTP Technova Vio Star 8up
    Plate Size -:
    • Maximum B-1/8up - 1080x850 mm
    • Minimum B-3/2up - 510x400 mm
    • Upto 2540 dpi resolution
    • INCA online processor
  • CTCP UV Setter Basys Print 860 X
  • Dolev 450 level-3 online processor using harlequine Rip with pre-prep auto Imposition software
  • Epson stylus pro 7800 24 inches Width
  • Plate exposing - 3 units
  • Scan view Drum scanner
  • Automatic camera - New Shop SR-6 Vertical Camera (to shoot old books without E-file )