Today saku group boast of top-notch printing systems that deliver quality par excellence. Our high end printing process produces a variety of impressions that suits the varied needs of client. Whether it is Single color, double color or multi color. You can trust your printing job with us. A part from DTP & Pre press technology printing technology is constantly advancing at Saku, We regularly invest and research in new upcoming technology and machinery to cater to the needs of a clients.

A variety of sheet fed offset press from 5 color to single color.

5 colour

  • Heidelberg F 102 CPC (720 X 1020mm) Sheet fed

4 colour

  • Heidelberg SM 102V (720 X 1020mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg MOV (480 X 650mm) sheetfed

2 colour

  • Heidelberg SOSZ (710X1020mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SODZ (640X1020mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SORMZ (520X740mm) sheet fed

1 colour

  • Heidelberg SM 74 Perfect
  • Heidelberg SORF (710X1020mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SORS (710X1020mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SORD (640X915mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SORD (610X800mm) sheet fed
  • Heidelberg SORK (480X650mm) sheet fed

Web Press

  • Bookline H Series Pressline 2X
  • Bookline V Series Pressline 4 X