At Saku group we invest skilled manpower, focused effort and efficient technology to deliver fine cutting, binding and packaging solutions. We spare no cost of effort in acquiring the latest post press machinery to cater to the global standard of our customers.

The company offers services for a variety of products, including books (Hardbound, softcover), envelopes and inserts. It provides a range of press services, such as labeling, numbering, die cutting, crease scoring, foil stamping and blind embossing. It also specializes in various types of binding services that include Hard bound, plastic, wire and perfect binding. Its additional services include trimming, inserting, packaging, poster rolling, shrink wrapping and saddle stitching. The company operates various equipment that include folders, gluers, tape applicators, vacuum collators and automatic stretch wrapping machine for pallets.

Existing equipments

  • Wellbound PUR e BIND 350 Compact PUR perfect binder with automatic setup 1 Unit
  • Muller Martini PONY 320 Perfect binder + Gatherer + 3Kt 1 Unit
  • SLH 0130 Automatic Bundling Machine 1 Unit
  • Polar Program cutting 56 2 Units
  • Three knife trimmer Wohlenberg 1 Unit
  • Three knife trimmer Trident 1 Unit
  • Semi automatic cutting Sudarshan 3 Unit
  • Automatic folder Stahl 4 Units
  • Automatic folder Diploma 2 Units
  • Automatic six clamp perfect binder Welbound 2000 2 Units
  • Automatic single clamp perfect binder Welbound blue 2 Units
  • Automatic single clamp perfect binder Sulbi 2 Units
  • Hydraulic hardcase gutter setter 1 Unit
  • Case maker Kolbos 36 1 Unit
  • Hydraulic case presses 1 Unit
  • Nipping presses 2 Units
  • Ten spindle sewing machine Muller Martini 4 Units
  • Eight spindle sewing machine Muller Martini 2 Units
  • Stitchwell Ipz 1 Unit
  • Automatic hot foil stamping machine Technoshell 1 Unit
  • Power presses For spiral wiro binding 1 Unit
  • Locking presses For wiro Binding 1 unit
  • Lamination machine 25 1 unit
  • Thermal Lamination MRF HYSSL 720- 1 Unit
  • UV coater ultracure 700 Graphic technology Inc. 1 unit
  • Shrink wrapping Shrink packaging tunnel type 2 Unit
  • Stretch wrapping and strapping machine 1 Unit
  • Automatic shrink wrapping machine for pallets.

Upcoming equipments of post press to be added

  • Colbus casing in line with online ribbon, with head and tail bands, rounding and backing.
  • Pickwell signature gatherer.
  • Colbus cloth cutter.

Quality Control

Quality is our primary objective not only do we apply straight of the art technology and enforce stringent quality control measures, We also abreast with global quality standards and seek to better them at every step. Our products are hallmark of skill, dedication and persistence. This triad of attributes makes us preferred quality supplier for global publishing and printing giants like Oxford University press, Pearson education and Elzevier science to name a few amongst others.