Established in 1991,

the saku group

is today an

ISO 9001:2001 Certified

entity to contend with in the



publishing industry

. The group grew out of a small business start up with just about 6 employees.

In 1996 came a major step forward with the establishment of

Saurabh Printers

that altered the face of the group to a complete solution provider to the publishing industry.

Came 2005 and in our endeavor to fulfill our dreams of having a global presence and becoming one of the few multinational printers in India to own a subsidiary

Westman Printing

in Sydney.

Now, In 2010 Saku Group also offers

Digital Print

for the clients looking for print on demand, flexible enough to meet the futuristic changes.

Today we are a group of more than 400 people and still growing…………